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Customer Experience – Keeping it Simple

When it comes to the customer experience, companies need to focus on what customers want (obviously) – however, determining what they want and what they need can get quite complex. Therefore, it is imperative that companies come up with delivering services and products that are simple, appropriate, and backed up with support for the consumers.

Complicating processes, over-stuffed features with products, and other complexities can irritate consumers and turn them off. Below are several ways to simplify processes in order to deliver a superior customer experience.

Over-stuffed Features

While some customers enjoy products that are feature-stuffed, there comes a point where competition has increased so greatly, that piling on features becomes almost ridiculous. Some companies, such as JetBlue, have chosen to take away features and deliver a fair price for a simple service. The results are a highly successful customer experience, and greater market share. Decide what features work best for a product or service, then plan to deliver them in such a way that the customer experience goes from satisfied to delighted.

Warranty and Guarantee Simplification

Products that promise replacement or refunds if something goes wrong are often met by skepticism from consumers, mainly because the process to return an item to the manufacturer, or to get a refund is a living nightmare for the customer. If a customer experience has already been darkened by an issue with the product, the headache in getting the problem resolved is only going to make the customer experience worse. An excellent example of guarantee or warranty simplification is from the makers of DR Power Equipment, Country Home Products. If a mower does not meet the expectations of the customer up to one year from the shipping date, the customer can return the mower simply by calling their customer service hotline, and receive a full refund, minus shipping charges to return it to their facility in Vermont. That’s it. Very simple, straightforward, and easy to follow. Because they back up their process with comprehensive customer service, the customer experience is considered superior. Consumers of these products are not just loyal; they are advocates for their products.

Simplify Access to Information Within

By simplifying processes within the company, and making information instantly accessible to employees, the knowledge and immediacy can be passed on to the customer. By wrapping the customer in supportive knowledge, and making sure every interaction with the customer is helpful, either via information dissemination or via other support, the customer experience trends upward. Additionally, ensure that all departments and areas are able to communicate with each other easily, and are all on board with attaining the same goals for customer experience.

Customer experience is enhanced with simplification of processes, goals, and features. Ensure that every interaction with the customer is an opportunity for growth and improvement on the company’s part, and customers will move from retained, to loyal, to advocate.

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