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B2B Marketing


Building a product is expensive enough.  Companies then have to worry about branding that product along with any others they already have on the market.  Branding can be expensive, but it is one of the most important marketing strategies any company can concentrate on in order to achieve success.  By building the company’s reputation through its brand, the company is developing itself as the go-to company for a certain product or service.  This is something no company can replace with any other form of marketing.

There are more inexpensive ways to build branding elements outside of pure marketing.  Emotionally satisfied customers are very powerful.  Especially in today’s society when service expectations are generally low and social media conversations run rampant.  There is simply nothing more valuable to a business than making a good impression on a customer that can last beyond that one transaction.

Understand your Industry’s Prices

In order to achieve customer loyalty and, ultimately, brand the products and services, companies need to think through these items regarding the product:

-Is the value of the product on the front end or back end of the sale?
-Is the value just based on service, or is delivery, packaging, design or another aspect also involved?
-Can the value of the item or service be leveraged in comparison to the price?

These questions will help the company set the prices for their goods and services.  Price setting is one of the most important aspects of the company branding process.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Once the company establishes a brand, it needs to then be as consistent as possible.  The brand will need to be displayed in emails, on labels, on letterhead, on business cards, on the company website, and in any other form of social or regular media possible.  Developing a reputation for the company as a whole is a low cost way to generate sales.  Once customers understand who the company is and what it stands for, they are much more likely to reach for that company’s products when given a choice.  If the customers are at all confused by the company’s message, that likelihood greatly decreases.  Confusion sets in when the company is not consistent with the branding items.

Stand Out from your Competition

If the company wants to establish itself ahead of the pack, the best thing it can do is stand out among the competition.  If the company is part of an industry that does not generally offer guarantees, the company should be the first to offer such a guarantee.  If the company is complex, it should offer simple, easy to access customer service solutions.  If the company is in an industry well known for pushy sales people, it should hire the best sales people with the most innovative strategies.

Branding is something that takes time.  It cannot be done overnight.  It must be implemented gradually and consistently through every marketing strategy available.

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