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Author Archives: Adam Vandergang

Why Email Marketing Is So Important

As technology progresses, so do effective methods for marketing offering more avenues to explore and even more opportunities. This is especially the case for email marketing as it has advanced greatly during the past couple of years. Even though many might see it as outdated as social-media has grown, there are still many reasons why […]

The Ideal Practices For Email Marketing

With any successful marketing campaign you have to make sure that it is right before starting to ensure your success. This is none more truely than when using the email marketing approach. You want to ensure that all the practices you are going to be using are the most suited and effective for your ideal […]

Creating A Campaign Using Email Marketing

Knowing everything about what your email marketing is going to entail is an important factor to keep in mind prior to starting. Attention to every aspect of detail is essential as nothing can be left to chance. This is why many research their market before commencing as it helps to get a better understanding of […]

Finding The Right Strategy With Email Marketing

When creating any kind of campaign, whether it’s email marketing or otherwise, you will need to ensure that you’re taking the most effective approach. This is why your plans need to be organized beforehand so as to make sure they’re most efficient. With a strictly laid-out set of plans you can then proceed to create […]

Correctly Timing Your Email Marketing Campaign

A well run email marketing campaign is a well-timed one, as any successful businessperson knows. You need to ensure that the right emails reach the right leads at a time when they’re going to be most receptive to the content. This is to ensure that their interaction with the content reaches maximum effectiveness. Doing this […]

Managing The Legal Requirements Of Email Marketing

Although email marketing can be a highly profitable method for gathering leads, it can also be fraught with many strict guidelines you will need to adhere to. This isn’t to say they can’t easily be circumvented, as they can. It’s just that you will need to make yourself aware of them all before you proceed […]

Top 10 Tips for Effective Online Videos

Successful business videos come in a variety of formats, including informational, educational and entertaining. To attract new customers, videos must offer something of value. And, when you are seeking to distribute your video, the place of choice is currently YouTube, as it is currently the leading online video sharing platform for both individuals and businesses. […]

The Importance of Having a Facebook Page for Your Business

Whether your business consists of a small in home office, a mobile company, or a larger, more complex facility, maintaining a business account with Facebook can be detrimental to your company’s success. Facebook is the most popular social networking site in existence. Everyone from Grandma to little cousin Sally has a Facebook page these days, […]

Four Rules for Digital Advertising

How should you approach your digital campaign? At the 2011 Ad:Tech convention in New York City participants focused on the digital advertising realm. Much of the focus dealt with social messaging, and these are a few takeaways: Understand the Social Component Get a grip on what drives a social comment about a product. Simply asking […]