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Mobile Marketing Best Practices for B2B Sales

The world seems endlessly busy these days and everyone is constantly on the go. One consequence of this never-ending activity is that people are constantly attached to their smartphones. In fact, almost 4 percent of mobile phone users access the internet on their phone and almost 75 percent use the phone for text messaging. Smartphones now equal approximately 30 percent of mobile phone sales, which may not seem like much until you consider the fact that over 70 percent of the U.S. workforce uses mobile phones for work-related tasks. The mobile world is becoming as important to businesses as the internet itself.
Essentially, when it comes to B2B marketing, utilizing the mobile world can help increase visibility, branding and market position. While most high-profile mobile applications are consumer-related, there is a considerable market for business-related applications. Businesses that harness this need will find a grateful business audience who wants to receive information and work while on the go. Some companies are already in the mix, such as Bloomberg and NASDAQ, which send instant alerts and offer
mobile websites and apps.
B2B mobile marketing includes mobile web, email and SMS alerts that allow for instant notification and communication, satisfying the modern demand for instant gratification and acting as a powerful B2B marketing tool. After all, the mobile world has already here – look around and everyone is staring down at their smartphone, often at the exclusion of important tasks such as paying attention to where they are walking or who might be around them. Businesses that harness this addiction to smartphones can use it to decided advantage.
Another important note, however, is that B2B mobile marketing cannot simply translate the old marketing methods to mobile techniques. The new instant gratification world means that the business audience has new expectations, preferences and desires regarding how information and news delivers to them. Companies must spend time researching the newest technologies and formats for mobile marketing and offer these cutting-edge formats to their business audience in order to grab their attention and keep it.
When considering how to develop a B2B mobile marketing plan, remember to keep it simple, attractive and effective. Busy professionals want to get the information that they need quickly and easily. Understanding and fulfilling the need to get what they need in order to complete their job faster is a critical element to developing a mobile marketing strategy.
Work to develop a mobile web site (which is much different from an internet web site in terms of appearance and function), text messages (make sure the audience opts in for this element), and easy to use and download apps. Strategize an entire mobile world for your business audience and keep in mind that they want to be able to access information quickly, easily and act effectively. Test these applications before deploying them to ensure that they appear polished, streamlined and are easy to navigate. Make sure that the mobile tools extend a brand value proposition to increase visibility and relevance.
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Julie Andrews

No, not "that Julie Andrews". Trust me, I get it all the time... Business marketing is truly a fascinating area. Over the past 5 years new methodologies and tactics have really taken off. Its especially important for B2B marketers to evolve and use these new tools to remain competitive. Myself, along with the team at is here to help educate and advise you every step of the way.

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