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Ways to Increase Online Marketing ROI

In the face of increased competition and suppressed economic activity, your marketing efforts must deliver a return that justifies the strategies being used to find buyers. Fortunately, there are focus areas that, if addressed, can reap a greater return for your marketing dollars.


                Unify Your Ads

Create a common theme with interactive dimensions to engage your prospect. The creative should have a defining trait that immediately connects with the viewer, such as the effervescent burst of an opened soda poured over ice. Some experts suggest a minimal graphic treatment to avoid overwhelming the screen.


Remember to vary the content within the unified theme. Look at Geico, with its multi-split TV approach. They’ve produced creative that differentiates but retains the common themes: “so easy a caveman can do it” and “15 minutes can save you 15% or more”.


For online impressions, create a unifying trait that’s not too graphics-intense, can be easily installed and doesn’t create publisher backlash.


                Create Multiple Engagements

Explore the variety of formats available. There are opportunities to stretch your creative within the various formats; build deeper content in the 300×600 half-page, 728×90 leaderboard and the 160×600 skyscraper. Allow your viewer to engage multiple times within the frame, but don’t aim for simple click-through; bring the prospect closer by offering various commitment levels. For example, the first engagement opportunity may be a sales page then the second opportunity is coupon printout. Thirdly, a link to a squeeze page to subscribe gains deeper commitment.


To keep it simple, build the engagements within the ad – don’t bring the viewer offsite; often, that results in drop-off.


                Tie Online and Bricks-and-Mortar Together

Take advantage of the duality that is present in your markets. If your products are selling through retailers or dealers, use your online creatives to drive traffic to those locations. Bring your prospects into a local setting through compelling engagement opportunities. Your DR creatives should excite immediate activity, such as a sign-up from, so the offer must be convenient, attractive and beneficial to the viewer.


This strategy is most effective for certain products. For example, most consumers prefer to view the screen of a TV or test drive a new vehicle, so develop engagements such as product demos to engage your prospect at a deeper level.


                Employ Audience Targeting

According to eMarketer, ad agencies rate audience targeting as “very important” 88% of the time. ROI can be increased by making the effort to classify your audience using as many demographic, behavioral and psychographic data as possible. When purchasing space, real-time bidding offers the opportunity to reduce your average CPI.


One other targeting criterion to consider is system targeting (offered by a growing number of vendors). Variables can be aggregated at the browser level, such as geographic, operating system, ISP and connection speed. These variables can reveal your targets online experiences.


By defining and targeting your audience, the online strategy that’s developed should pinpoint prospects and publishers for a more effective approach.



During tough economic times, finding ways to enhance your ROI can mean the difference between success and survival. Explore the technological advances that allow you to drill down, build up, blend channels and focus your marketing efforts.



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