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Top 10 Reasons to Launch a Corporate Blog

Corporate blogs are an essential feature on web pages today. If you don’t have a well-maintained corporate blog yet, here are ten reasons that you should.

Improved SEO

Through blog posts, you can optimize your page for many different keywords and phrases. Updating your blog often will also increase your page rankings, as Google rewards sites that are updated often.

Better Customer Relations

If you’re dealing with common problems or concerns, you can address your entire customer base at once by offering answers and solutions here. Your blog is also a great place to offer coupons, sale codes, and other bonuses for loyal readers.

Valuable Customer Feedback

By allowing your customers to comment on blog posts, you’ll be inviting open discussion directly with the company. This is a great way to collect information from your customers. If you’re wondering which new flavor will be most popular or what new features your clients are anxious to see in your software, this is a great place to ask them and watch as interesting discussions blossom.

Position Yourself as an Authority

Whatever your industry, you want your clients to know that you’re an authority in it. If you offer detailed how-tos and video blogs on cooking techniques, your readers will begin to associate your brand of cookware with quality meals. Offer beauty and make up information and buyers will be anxious to recreate the looks with your line of beauty products.

Keep Your Page Fresh

Your catalog and corporate information won’t change nearly often enough to keep your page fresh. Viewers want something new every day, and that’s just what a blog is poised to offer. A few quick posts each day will ensure that your page is never stale.

Stay on Top of Industry News

You can share the latest news by reporting on the facts or offer editorials that share your corporation’s stance. Either way, your blog will become a hot spot for learning the latest happenings in your industry.

Enhance your Corporate Personality

You can give your web site a lot of personality with a well-written blog. If you’re all about the facts, then stick to informational pieces. If you want to share a more playful vibe, offer fun memes, entertaining videos, and other pieces of creative content.

Encourage Repeat Visitors

Once your viewers have browsed through your catalog, they may not return again until there’s a new seasonal line. A blog, however, is something that’s always fresh and new, encouraging visitors to come back often.

Promote Your Products or Services

A good blog strikes a careful balance between information and promotion. However, there’s no reason that you can’t include some promotional posts. A blog gives you plenty of time and space to explore every facet of your items.

Connections to Lead Generation Opportunities

A newsletter is an easy addition to your blog. You already have the content present in your posts. The newsletter gives you contact information for your client while offering them your posts in a regular email.

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