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Customer Experience

Most companies believe that they can deliver a greater customer experience than other similar companies.  The problem is that most customers do not agree with that statement.  If a company is disconnected from its customers, it could lose out on profits, relationships, and many other important business aspects.

Often, the larger market share a company has, the larger risk it has for taking advantage, or at least taking for granted its customers.  Management will confuse the profits and loyalty with the overall customer experience and satisfaction without realizing that it may be alienating the very customers it serves most.  Many companies try to tailor a product or service in order to detail the customer experience, but the best companies look at the following three items instead:

1. Design the right offers for outstanding customer experiences
2. Deliver propositions by focusing the whole company on the collaboration
3. Develop capabilities to please customers over and over again

Designing Propositions

Many large companies have divided customers into segments in order to design propositions for each one.  In order to deliver a top of the line customer experience, however, the company needs to design the business in a unique fashion.  Not every customer who sits in a certain age range can be grouped under one name.  Each customer has individual thoughts and needs and those ideals have to be taken into consideration.

Delivering Value

The most brilliant customer offerings can also be rendered poor due to execution.  In order to ensure an efficient form of delivery, the leaders in the business world have to create and motivate teams that go from the marketing team all the way down the line to the supply chain team.  This proposition must be valued by anyone and everyone involved in the customer’s overall experience.  Any interaction with a customer, no matter how minute or seemingly unimportant should be treated as a precious resource.  There can be data gathered from any and every interaction.  The ultimate test, however, lies in what customers tell one another about the delivery of the company’s product to the customer.

Developing Repetitive Capabilities

Once the customer has a great experience with the company and its product, he or she will expect to have another great customer experience the next time around.  In order to keep the delivery the same every time, companies need to improve on their performance each and every quarter.  Customers will not only expect the best from the company, they will expect that quality to improve as the company moves on through the years.  Top companies continuously seek feedback from their immediate and loyal customers.  This not only ensures the company that things are going well, but it also helps it to build innovative ideas on how to improve in the future.

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Kristine Michaelson

Kristine is a great marketing strategist who has been contributing to since our humble beginnings in 2009. She is a great researcher and enjoys writing about multiple B2B marketing channels.

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