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Social Media Marketing

B2B Social Media Marketing

When you want to get the word out about a new product or service, you know that mobile marketing is likely the way you are going to reach the most people.  If you want to do some marketing in a Business to Business or B2B manner, online marketing is also the way to go.  The only thing you can add to your idea to make it better is if you could somehow allow other businesses to share what you have to offer with their friends, colleagues, and others that might be interested in what you have to say.

B2B Social marketing is the best way to encourage and utilize this sharing and it can increase the amount of people you reach and the overall impact of your message.  When people receive a recommendation from a friend, they trust that recommendation, which will more likely lead to business opportunities for you.  If someone receives information on your special deal or product from a friend, they are also more likely to try it than if you were to send that message to them directly. 

There are a few key areas that can help you expand how effective your B2B Social media marketing campaigns are in the mobile world.  First, you need to engage in some social sharing applications.  When you market in a mobile fashion, you need to add some share buttons into the content that you send out so they will not disrupt the user that is enjoying the information he or she has received, but instead so that they only appear when the reader is taking action.  You should also customize a default message that will go out when the item is shared so that whoever receives it knows it comes from their friend.  The sharing application should also include a powerful database complete with social profiles of those who have a tendency to share so that you have better prospects to share your own information.

Second, you will need some social engagement applications.  It is a good idea to publish pictures and videos on your webpages, Facebook pages and anywhere else you have fans so that prospects who are interested in your items will share these things with the rest of their friends and expand your customer base.  You can also do things like take polls on various topics, ask for answers to questions, and find ways to engage your audience so that you can promote yourself and cross promote other topics and ideas.  You will even want some forms on your page so that people can fill them out to get a special reward or discount.  When someone fills out the form, you will have more marketing channels.

And third, social promotion applications are important to the process as well.  Perhaps you can motivate prospective customers with offers and then capture their data to grow your database.  Make sure you always put a social twist on your referral program so you can leverage the most of your prospects social lists.

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