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Lead Generation

How to Turn Lost Leads into Clients

Even companies with a highly focused, well thought-out and efficiently administered lead producing campaign will occasionally lose a lead. It is what that company does with that lost possibility that makes the difference between good lead management and great lead fulfillment.

It is important to consider these missed opportunities not as “lost,” but instead as “temporarily off on the wrong track.”

Tips for bringing potential clients back on track – your track!

  • Don’t allow yourself to react angrily to a potential client who doesn’t buy from you.
    • Always remember that saying about “burning bridges” and end all communications in a friendly manner.
    • Look at this “rejection” as a opportunity to learn what your offer may lack.
  • Don’t discard any lead information. Create a database just for “wrong track” contacts.
    • Classify these leads by categories such as “not ready” or “bought from someone else.”
    • Keep complete notes on all communications. Listen carefully for any clues to the real reason for their reluctance.
  • Develop, and stick with, a schedule for continued communication.
    • Avoid overwhelming the lead with constant emails or phone calls.
    • Ask their permission for continued contact. “Is it okay if I occasionally send you an interesting article?”
    • Once you have established a schedule for contact, be consistent. You want this contact to eagerly anticipate the interesting and relevant information you send once a month.
    • However, if something truly amazing occurs within your company or industry, do not wait until your scheduled contact to share. You want to be the first to tell any potential customer about the newest discovery or innovation.

Nurturing and steering back on track.

  • Offer free information such as whitepapers, webinars and/or podcasts. Offer information directly related to your company, but also offer generic information related to the industry.
    • Follow up and ask the lead what they thought about the information. Start a discussion about what they heard or saw, and their reactions.
    • By providing relevant information, you establish yourself as the go-to expert in your industry.  And everyone wants to work with the expert!
  • Invite — and encourage — leads to comment on your blogs.
    • Reply to their comments in a positive manner.
    • Never tell the lead they are wrong in their reaction, simply say you disagree. People love controversy and a friendly disagreement will create even more readers for your blog.
    • Make it easy for leads to share your blogs and all comments. Shared links are an amazing source for new leads and additional sales.
  • Always include a quick and easy method for the lead to purchase your service or product, but do not make your “sales pitch” the primary focus of your communications.
    • Providing relevant information will build a trusting relationship between you and this lead. People always are more likely to buy from someone they trust.

By carefully nurturing your “on the wrong track” leads you will find yourself building your business and increasing sales. Don’t let any potential customer fall through the cracks simply because the time was not right for them to work with you. With a little effort, they may turn out to be your best customer.

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