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Top 5 Ways to Leverage Social Media Marketing for your Business

Social media marketing is using integrated marketing communications in addition to other forms of marketing.  Social media marketing usually consists of attracting attention to a company as well as encouraging followers to enjoy news about the products or intricacies of the company.  It is a platform that is easy to access for anyone with the internet and organizations and companies are utilizing social media market more extensively every year.  It helps brand awareness, customer service and relations, and much more.

There are plenty of areas in which many companies need to be present in order to enable a good social media marketing campaign.  Here are the top five ways to implement a successful social media marketing strategy:

1. Facebook

Facebook offers companies a low cost marketing tool that can work exceptionally well, even for smaller businesses.  There are over 300 million Facebook users and any company should utilize the outlet for marketing strategies.  First, get a company page and then start spreading the word about the page to friends and family members.  Post the Facebook URL at the bottom of every email signature and the people who “like” the company page will begin to add up.

2. Twitter

Twitter, like Facebook, has grown tremendously well over the past few years.  It has also become an incredible platform for the marketing industry.  First, reserve the name of the business and the company will then have the option to tweet from the business account.  Take advantage of the option of reaching customers with special deals and promotion, but never over-tweet about random things.

3. Blog

Blogs will not reach as many people as Facebook or twitter, but for loyal customers and followers, they allow deep access to company details that those people crave.  The company can post pictures, stories, videos, and other files.  MAke sure any articles added to the blog go along well with your company policies and overall goal.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a relatively new social network reserved for professionals.  There are not 50 million users in over 200 different countries.  Companies can use this website to link with other companies and people from similar businesses.  This will get the company name out further and expand the “friends” it has in the internet world.

5. Participate in other blogs

Search for blogs that might have similar themes as the company.  The company can post comments about the articles and show off its expertise to the readers who take an interest in those topics.  Those readers may then seek out the company on its own blog, on facebook, or other social media outlets.

Social media marketing can enhance any business in a big way, when done right.  It is a phenomenon that has only been growing over the years.  Companies that leverage social media marketing in the correct manners often see large amounts of growth in their businesses.

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