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B2B Marketing

QR Codes Can Boost Marketing Effectiveness

Looking for another way to direct prospects to your company’s offerings? The latest trend is to insert a Quick Response (QR) code in your print and online media. QR codes are those quirky-looking barcodes that contain virtual data. Popularity surrounding this technology has exploded in the mobile space. In fact, mobile tech analyst Mobio Technologies recently reported that QR code scanning increased over 10,000% from 2010 to 2011. Inserting QR codes on print materials provides another level of integration across channels. QR codes provide a bridge between physical media and online media. 


CMOs can easily tie together mobile, online and print media through QR implementation. Locations for QR codes include publications, posters, product labels, signage and more.


There are a variety of ways to implement QR codes in your marketing campaigns including:


  • As a link to a product demonstration, virtual tour or profile through online video
  • As a quick, easy source for your contact details, such as placing a code on your business cards
  • As an embedded personalized URL to a microsite for specific promotions or product offer
  • As a shipping label feature which allows recipients to easily make online payments or initiate repeat orders
  • As a direct mail component that can direct prospects to a catalog or menu
  • As a response test for creatives that can link to specific web pages
  • As a “clue” in a scavenger hunt that leads prospects to brick-and-mortar locations
  • As a product label component that leads a user to a detailed page about the product she’s purchased
  • As a “like” or “follow” link that brings the user to a Facebook page or other social media site
  • As a subscription or email sign up link


One of the strongest features of the QR code is the ability to include depth within the data that is conveyed. Images, directions, event locations and other information can be embedded for a robust engagement with your prospect.


QR codes are currently the favored two-dimensional barcode matrix because of the broad adoption of reader technology across multiple mobile platforms. However, programs such as Microsoft Tags are beginning to pop up, but are limited to proprietary software vendors. Designer codes with features such as color are beginning to gain popularity and have shown higher click-through rates recently.


When using QR codes make sure that your service provider has an effective tracking system so details, such as location, scan time and other engagement criteria, can be captured.


There is a debate among marketing experts as to whether QR codes are here to stay or just a passing fad. The numbers support consideration for using QR codes in your marketing efforts. As the links between physical and virtual media continue to advance, it would seem that barcode technology like QR codes should be an essential tool for marketers.

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