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B2B Marketing

Interactive Marketing is a Must

Interactive marketing is part of the new world of marketing, driven in turn by the on-demand internet age. Customers want to get information and updates instantly instead of waiting to read a newspaper or wait for information to come to them. As such, companies wishing to be successful at marketing to their customers must create an interactive relationship in which the customer tells the company what they want and desire and the company responds with personalized data and innovation.
Search engine marketing is one of the most basic forms of interactive marketing. When an individual searches for a topic or item on a search engine, they are presented with the results from the search engine, as well as targeted ads from companies that focus on that keyword. The process is almost instantaneous from the moment the individual types in the word to the search engine and ad results.
Another form of interactive marketing is the ability of customers to “log in” to a company’s website. They provide the company with personal data, such as demographic information, location and preferences. The company then rewards the customer with a personalized website, information, services and products that tailored to that customer’s preferences and history.
Social media is yet another form of interactive marketing, in which the company and the individual are on equal footing. The company may have a business profile on a website such as Facebook or Twitter and the individual has their own profile. They can choose to look at the company’s profile and “like” or “follow” the website, thereby indicating to their own personal social network the companies that they like. In response, companies often offer individuals a discount, special, promotion or deal if that person “likes” or “follows” the company’s page or profile. In this age of instant information, the individual’s entire social network then sees the interaction and may be interested enough to click on the company’s profile or page as well. This viral version of marketing can increase visibility and customers quickly. Note that the downside of social media marketing is that companies that disappoint or anger their customers can find that people make negative comments about them that spread just as quickly as positive endorsement of a company or product.
Smartphone apps are another form of interactive marketing, allowing customers to see instant updates and information on a constant basis. In addition, apps allow for location-based marketing, in which the company knows where the individual is currently located and can send deals, messages and specials accordingly.
Companies reluctant to embrace the close nature of interactive marketing might find that customers choose other companies that fit their needs and desires better or more instantly. Understanding the market demographics and the ever-changing desires of customers is the essential basis of good interactive marketing techniques.

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