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Social Media Marketing

How Important is Social Media for B2B Organizations?

In the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by the Social Media Examiner, 93% of companies surveyed revealed that they use some form of social media for B2B marketing. If you’re not making use of this valuable resource, then you’re in the distinct minority, and missing out on an important marketing resource.

The Value of Social Media Marketing

This same survey revealed that B2B marketers get a better bang for their buck with social media marketing than their B2C counterparts. B2B marketers enjoyed more marketplace insights, improved search rankings, and new business partners from their social media marketing efforts than B2C respondents did. There are lots of benefits to this strategy and very few excuses for not joining in the growing trend.

The few B2B companies who have not joined in the social media marketing trend probably refrain on the basis that they’re not marketing to individuals and therefore don’t need to form the same social relationships that B2C companies do. However, this isn’t entirely true. At the end of the day, B2B companies are still trying to convince an individual person at another company to purchase their products. The fact that the buyer acts on behalf of their company as a whole doesn’t negate his or her identity as an individual.

Types of Social Media

Social media sites are a huge draw for individuals in all types of companies and organizations. Having a presence on a site like Facebook is equally important no matter what kind of industry you’re in. For B2B marketers, Facebook and LinkedIn were the most popular places for cultivating a social media presence. Twitter can in close behind.

Get to know your audience and find out where they’re hanging out. If your target companies have a big Twitter presence, become a part of that social media revolution with your own brand so you’re connecting with other companies on the same playing field.

Blogging in Social Media Marketing

Blogging is another form of social media marketing that’s ideally suited to B2B efforts. With your blog, you can connect with other businesses through a social medium that’s easy for them to access at work. While some companies may not allow time on Facebook during the work day, time spent researching industry blogs is very different. Blogging allows you to share industry news, spark debates on the latest issues, and share valuable information.

You don’t have to promote your products directly in the blog. In fact, your readers will appreciate your input much more if you don’t. Simply having a presence and identifying yourself as an authority source on industry issues is enough to keep your business’s name front and center when it’s time to make purchasing decisions.

Social media marketing is very important for B2B companies and offers a wealth of benefits at an incredibly affordable price. Designate someone on your staff to manage social media accounts and you’re sure to see a spike in your sales as a result.

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Melissa O'Sullivan

Melissa has worked in digital marketing for over 15 years. She cut her teeth in the CSE models for various retailers and now spends most of her time building great brand development programs across social media. Melissa has been a contributor to since 2011.

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