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Business Facebook Page

A few years ago, it was essential for companies to have their own websites in order to do good business.  Now, companies also need to have Facebook pages in order to stand out in the mobile marketing world.  When you first decide to create a Facebook page, you might think it is going to be easy enough.  You register your company name with a page and fill in the basic information.  However, when you first start out, you have only a basic profile picture and a couple of fans.  Then, you want to broaden your page and your overall online presence so you can attract new customers to your business.  But how do you do that?

First, in order to continue to build your Facebook page in a way that will get you results, you need to decide what your objectives are for your page.  Until you have clear goals, you will just be fumbling around in the dark.  Perhaps you want to sell more products for your company or maybe you want to improve customer relations and customers service.  Once you decide what direction you want to take your page, you will have a great place to start and you will be able to utilize the Facebook tool much more effectively.

Second, once you know where you want your page to go, you should take some time to understand the features of Facebook so you know what to do.  There are a lot of different features and you will want to use several of them in order to accomplish your established goals.  You will want to figure out how to post pictures and videos as well as create events so that you can carry out your strategy and your overall look for your page.  At first, the process might seem a little overwhelming, but once you get the hang of it, you might even find it fun.  Here are a few of the most popular features that you will want to use for your business Facebook page.

-Wall Posts
You can say things about your products and allow your customers to tell you how they feel about them.  Any type of feedback is good to have and encouraging interaction through your wall posts is a great idea.

-Photo Uploading
Having text on your wall is a great start, but photos will get you even farther in terms of shares and other features.  If you want to place a picture of a product, you are doing your business more justice than simply describing it.

-Direct Purchase Option
In order to allow your customers to shop when they visit your page, engage your buyers and provide a tab that allows fans to easily purchase your products without ever having to leave the page.  This convenience will garner more sales and even possibly further word of mouth.

Building a business Facebook page doesn’t happen overnight, but once you get started, you will see how many options you have and where you can take your page and your business.

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Julie Andrews

No, not "that Julie Andrews". Trust me, I get it all the time... Business marketing is truly a fascinating area. Over the past 5 years new methodologies and tactics have really taken off. Its especially important for B2B marketers to evolve and use these new tools to remain competitive. Myself, along with the team at is here to help educate and advise you every step of the way.

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