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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Projections

Mobile marketing is becoming too large and important for businesses to ignore.  Today, most people have access to, own, and use smartphones and other mobile devices.  Those that have these items also use them in business related manners that include buying things, reading items about businesses, and searching for information on a variety of products.  People who use their smartphones in this manner frequent big box store websites for details on hours, prices and other deals, but they also are interested in smaller businesses when they have a need.

Not only are users utilizing their smartphones in this manner, but they are also buying items through their phones.  This makes the mobile marketing projections for the future even more important for businesses that want to expand.  In the past, businesses had to advertise in order to entice people to come to their stores, look around, and buy items.  Now, all businesses have to do is place the marketing campaign in front of the right customers and wait for them to click and buy.  This shows that sales projections through mobile marketing can go to all new levels.

According to, as of even 2001, 234 million Americans had a mobile device of some kind.  That number has only grown by leaps and bounds since that time.  In fact, in just two years, the number of companies using mobile advertising has doubled. Revenue from the mobile marketing world is expected to increase ten times in the next two years and most users say they would give up TV or other entertainment items over their mobile phones.

There are plenty of interactive marketing platforms, but the projections for the mobile marketing world are so huge that it no longer makes sense for businesses to simply consider jumping on the bandwagon.  With today’s statistics standing behind mobile marketing, businesses that market in a mobile manner are more likely to sell more, succeed faster, and get ahead in the industry as a whole.

Adapting to the mobile world is not always easy, however.  Business owners have found that they have to get to the point in their advertisements a lot faster in order to hold a customer’s attention.  They have to engage a shopper who is doing several other things at the same time.  If they are not able to hold that attention for more than a couple of seconds, they have lost the sale and they may never get it back.  But when a business does not even attempt mobile marketing, they do not even have a chance at that extra sale.

The shift to advertising away from billboards, magazines, TV and radio and into the mobile world is happening and it is happening very quickly. Businesses would be smart to listen to the projections and begin to move along the mobile marketing shift so they do not get left too far behind.

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Kristine Michaelson

Kristine is a great marketing strategist who has been contributing to since our humble beginnings in 2009. She is a great researcher and enjoys writing about multiple B2B marketing channels.

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