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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing for Business

If you have owned a business for any length of time, you probably know that internet marketing is something you almost have to do in order to succeed in the business world today.  You see a lot of internet marketing yourself in your inbox, through social media and in other areas.  So how do you make your business stand out?  Mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing and most effective ways of marketing most businesses in today’s market.  Here are a few reasons you might want to consider using mobile marketing for your business promotions.

Before you dive into mobile marketing, it is important to understand what it is.  Mobile marketing uses the mobile device as the medium in a number of different ways.  You could use Text messages, location based marketing, social media, email marketing or several other things.  Mobile messaging is basically engaging possible customers on their mobile devices.

One reason you might want to use mobile marketing is simply because a lot of the big businesses that have very successful marketing campaigns use it.  When you are looking at your marketing plan, you want something that will work.  Since mobile marketing is something that is widely used, and used by successful companies, you already know it can work when it is done right.

Another reason to use mobile marketing is simply due to common sense.  Think about how often people watch TV, listen to the radio, or see billboards.  Those things happen on occasion, but they are sporadic throughout the day.  Now think about how often people check their phones or have their mobile devices along with them.  The devices are often on hand at all times in pockets, purses, or somewhere else nearby.  That means your mobile marketing has the option to reach more people more frequently than any other type of marketing.

Mobile marketing also makes it very easy on the prospective buyer to become a buyer or participant in your business.  Instead of having to write down a phone number or web address and then remember to call or visit the site later, your potential customers just have to click on the link that you provide in your marketing message on their mobile devices.  This makes the transition from prospective customer to customer easy for both you and the consumer.  The easier it is, the more likely it is to happen.

Consumers are also becoming much more willing to spend money via their mobile devices.  That means that you do not necessarily even have to get them to come to your store or website in order to secure a deal with them.  Mobile devices can be the beginning of your relationship with new customers, but it can also seal the deal.

Mobile marketing is a great way to stay at the top of your consumer’s minds, but it is also an easy way to get people to recognize your value and even make deals with your company very quickly.

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Melissa O'Sullivan

Melissa has worked in digital marketing for over 15 years. She cut her teeth in the CSE models for various retailers and now spends most of her time building great brand development programs across social media. Melissa has been a contributor to since 2011.

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