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Lead Generation

Tips for Fostering Leads on Linkedin

A well thought-out marketing campaign utilizing LinkedIn and LinkedIn Groups can generate a large number of good leads in your target market. However, you must be focused and relevant in order not to ever be considered to avoid the possibility as ever being identified as a spammer.

Carefully review and visit the LinkedIn Groups that appear to be relevant to your target market niche. The general description or name of a group may not be an accurate representation of the actual activity within that group. Don’t join every remotely related group. Do your research and create a list of nine or ten groups that are the most closely focused on your niche.

Start with one group, and spend a couple of days reading all of the postings, reply and comments.

  • Once you have a feel for that group, begin posting relevant comments of your own.
  • Get involved in discussion threads.
  • Reply every time someone comments on what you have posted, keeping your replies relevant to the subject.
  • Try to build lively, interesting, titillating – but non-threatening – discussion threads. If you can contribute a comment that is highly interesting, funny, thought provoking, or provides an “ah-ha” moment, that comment will be passed along to hundreds, thousands or even millions of people. Moreover, many of these will be potential customer leads.

After you have established yourself in this first group, move on to the others on your list.

As you participate in these LinkedIn Group discussions, remember to post any blogs, articles or whitepapers you have written on relevant subjects. Maybe you can subtly steer the discussion toward the subject of a particularly interesting article you just finished writing. Monitoring the responses you get from posted blogs or articles will allow you to determine what subject, writing style and methods are working the best for you.

Install the LinkedIn blog widget so you will be sure all of your articles and blogs are posted automatically to your personal profile. Your profile is also important as a “first impression” that draws attention to who you are, what you know and what you have to offer.

  • Your profile must be immediately attention grabbing and enticing.
  • You will want to include a very good picture of yourself, possible a professional studio shot. Avoid cutesy pictures with your pet or sitting on the beach next to a pitcher of margaritas. You want your picture to show you as serious and trustworthy.
  • Add complete (and tested) links to your websites. Consider using links that are a call to action – “Get answers to all of your . . . questions on my blog.”
  • Complete all sections of your LinkedIn profile.
  • Let everyone who views your profile know you are in expert in your field and the best source of information in your niche.

Through LinkedIn, you can find and attract your target market. It can be a time consuming process, and will require consistent work, but it is highly effective and – best of all – it is free!

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Julie Andrews

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