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Category Archives: B2B Marketing

How Marketing Analytics Can Help Your Business

Every business needs to make itself heard, regardless of its size, and this is where marketing comes into practice. Finding the right approach, therefore, is essential when looking to promote your venture to a wider audience. A better campaign means more customers and, ultimately, more profit. This needs to be actualized though, which means getting [...]

Finding The Customer Through Marketing Analytics

Finding your target audience is always important when starting out in any business as you need to know how you will market your product. This is where marketing analytics comes in as it can help define them far more easily. Using data and statistics it can help focus your campaign efforts far more effectively. Demographics [...]

Different Types Of Marketing Analytics

When looking to create a marketing campaign for both you and your business, you will need to take account everything that’s on offer. Looking into all the various possibilities will allow you to get a better idea of how to best manage campaign. This is especially the case when it comes to analytics, as you need [...]

3 Steps to Successful Marketing Analytics

Is your marketing campaign’s ROI on target? Which marketing initiatives are yielding the best return on investment for your organization? Using marketing analytics, you can track, review, and analyze your current marketing campaign’s effectiveness. To gain the greatest benefit from marketing analytics, you must use an assortment of measurement techniques, assess your current capabilities and [...]

Revamp your Marketing Analytics in 3 Easy Steps

Do you know how many clicks your website’s pages receive on an average day? How long do new leads stay on pages, and which pages do they remain on the longest? There’s really no excuse for a business not to collect and analyze their marketing analytics! Without access to this information, how can you make [...]

Does your Business Monitor these 3 Marketing Analytics Metrics?

Is your business’s website performing at its optimal level? To gain a true sense of how your site is performing, you must monitor marketing analytics such as lead conversion rates, visitor engagement and backlinks collected. Marketing analytics programs can in some cases, overwhelm business owners and leaders with the amount of information collected. While all [...]

Designing your Website for B2B Customer Acquisition

Your website has several very important roles, including attracting qualified leads and customer acquisition. The features that your organization includes on its website will largely depend upon how you are utilizing it. But, with customer acquisition in mind, one of the most important aspects of your website is whether you are providing appropriate information for [...]

Top 10 Tips for Effective Online Videos

Successful business videos come in a variety of formats, including informational, educational and entertaining. To attract new customers, videos must offer something of value. And, when you are seeking to distribute your video, the place of choice is currently YouTube, as it is currently the leading online video sharing platform for both individuals and businesses. [...]

Tips for Launching an Online PR Campaign

Does your B2B organization currently have an effective online PR program? Online platforms offer many of the same benefits as a traditional PR campaign, yet they are often less costly to launch and they reach a broader prospect base. Who are you Influencing via Online PR Campaigns? When putting together online PR campaigns, your goal [...]

Top 3 Benefits of Online Advertising

When targeted to the correct audience, B2B online advertising can deliver results. In many ways, traditional and online advertising are very similar techniques; with traditional methods you are paying for printed space in magazines or newspapers and with online methods you are paying for space on a website. A benefit offered by online advertising is [...]