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Marketing Innovation – Infuse What’s There

When a company is struggling to infuse their company with new ideas on how to enhance current marketing innovation strategies, sometimes it’s a good idea to take a step back, and not try anything new. Instead, it’s a great idea to look at what’s already in place, and work with that. Here are five common tools that are already in use for marketing innovation, and ways to enhance those tools to give them new life, and generate buzz for a company.

  • The LinkedIn Page: While      it’s great to have a business page on LinkedIn, if it just sits there      inactive, the buzz around it will die. Make a marketing innovation of      using the LinkedIn page to answer questions. Simply navigate to the Answer      tab, choose to answer questions via a link, and give expertise on the company’s      subject. The more active a company is, the more attention it can get.
  • Facebook: Contests and      pushing for “likes” are just not enough on an already saturated Facebook.      A company’s Facebook page should be attentive, regularly answer customer      and newcomers’ questions, and ensure that the page always has fresh tips,      tricks, and offers.
  • Email Campaigns: Signing      up for a newsletter and continuing to receive it should come with a      loyalty reward. Some companies send out a special discount offer or coupon      code just for staying signed up to receive email marketing. This can give      an email marketing campaign a change to develop “VIP” rewards and the      like, generating new popularity and buzz for the product or service.
  • The Chat Bot: Some      people don’t mind getting their customer service from an AI, and others      do. Make sure that the chat bot a company is using is offering helpful,      easy-to-understand instructions and advice, and is also as realistic as      possible. Other marketing innovation ideas for chat bots in the past that      have been successful are bots that can do a soft up-sell for the contact,      but are not so obvious as to be obnoxious.
  • The Blog: In order to      generate buzz and traffic to a company’s website, maintaining a regular      blog can do exactly that. Keep a regular blog, updated at least 1 to 2      times per week, with relevant, SEO content that is aligned with the      company’s product or service. This can create an authoritative voice on a      particular subject of a service or product, and ensure that the brand      becomes synonymous with knowledge on the topic.

When a company has these tools, marketing innovation can be easy, simply by enhancing what is already there. If a company is able to deliver a better service through the tools they already use, they can also implement marketing strategies into their current utensils of the trade, thereby generating buzz and excitement with current customers, and attracting new ones through reputation.


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Julie Andrews

No, not "that Julie Andrews". Trust me, I get it all the time... Business marketing is truly a fascinating area. Over the past 5 years new methodologies and tactics have really taken off. Its especially important for B2B marketers to evolve and use these new tools to remain competitive. Myself, along with the team at is here to help educate and advise you every step of the way.

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