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Author Archives: Julie Andrews

No, not "that Julie Andrews". Trust me, I get it all the time... Business marketing is truly a fascinating area. Over the past 5 years new methodologies and tactics have really taken off. Its especially important for B2B marketers to evolve and use these new tools to remain competitive. Myself, along with the team at is here to help educate and advise you every step of the way.
Technology Changing Lead Generation

Technology is constantly changing, and this is especially the case when looking at the internet. Altering how business is conducted it has opened up the resources available for those looking to generate leads. You can now advance your business, as technology has altered the face of it for good. That’s why it’s best to look […]

Lead Generation – Developing a Strategy

You have your business and now you want to start promoting it, so where to next exactly? The first thing you want to do is to is decide upon exactly what it is that your promoting, and then who is going to be buying your product. With that you can begin to start defining your […]

How To Ensure Your Lead Campaign Stands Out

There’s a wide-range of online marketing campaigns out there, all clamoring to be heard at once gathering as many leads as possible. This is why it’s potentially so difficult when bringing recognition to your service or product. With all this competition then, how do you stand-out and whilst ensuring you get the attention you desire? […]

Lead Generation – Understanding the Basics

Internet marketing has seen a rapid rise within recent years as it’s begun to grow as online technology increases more and more. This has come to affect the marketing process known as ‘lead generation’, or ‘demand generation’, for many successful enterprises. Whatever their respective sizes, they can expect to see a dramatic rise in their […]

Maximizing Your Potential With Marketing Analytics

When you embark on any sort of marketing campaign for your commercial venture, you need to be constantly finding ways of adapting and improving. The marketing process will have to be in a constant state of evolution if you want to see any sort of profit increase. This is where marketing analytics comes in as […]

The Mobile First Strategy

Many businesses are starting to realize that having a mobile first strategy is really the only way to go in today’s market.  More people have mobile devices now than ever before and that number is always growing.  The people that do have mobile devices also have access to them at almost all hours of the […]

Building Brands on Social Media

Social media has become more and more useful in terms of business marketing, but now, brands are trying to use the power of the digital world to establish themselves and impact their sales.  Social media continues to advance and brands are now attempting to reach out to their audiences through that world.  Brands have tried […]

Business Facebook Page

A few years ago, it was essential for companies to have their own websites in order to do good business.  Now, companies also need to have Facebook pages in order to stand out in the mobile marketing world.  When you first decide to create a Facebook page, you might think it is going to be […]

B2B Mobile Marketing

The mobile evolution has been growing for quite some time and organizations and businesses have started to expand in their business to business or B2B mobile marketing plans.  At first, B2B marketers did not make mobile options a priority, but now, they are starting to shift to make it one of the top priorities.  Mobile […]